10 Great Uses for Tea Towels...

Briton home offers tea towels in fun colors with many uses suggested here.  This Jelly Cake towel by Thornback & Peel

Tea Towels are simply lint-free cotton or linen towels, similar to hand towels in size.  Tea towels may have originated in 18th Century Britain to carefully dry fine china and display ladies' embroidery, but in today's homes, their uses are much more varied!   Here are 10 great ways to use them...

1. Dry glasses and dishes lint-free with these cotton towels. 

2. Give as a gift- great with a home-baked treat for housewarming, with a hot meal for new parents, or as a personal touch with registry items for a wedding shower

3. Wrap a bottle of wine, tie a bow and your next hostess-gift= done! 

4. Set a tray for breakfast in bed!  The fabric will catch crumbs and drips and keep mugs and dishes from sliding

5. Be Victorian- Wrap a ceramic tea pot to keep it warm

6. Use as a hot pad or pot grab.  In a pinch, place warm dishes on a tea towel to protect countertops. 

7. Wrap or cover warm baked goods before serving- maybe line a bread basket for scones?

8. Decorate- Add a pop of color and whimsy to the kitchen with a fun design, swap out seasonally (or weekly just because!)

9. Use as hand towels in a guest bath 

10. Fancy up your bar tray.  Who says it has to be tea?