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The Sunday Roast

The Sunday Roast is one of my favorite British traditions that is still alive and well.  This weekly celebration of abundance and community is the inspiration for the items I've chosen to start the Briton Home collection.   We discovered the Sunday Roast by accident.  A few weeks into living in London, we met another American expat at a pub for dinner.  We placed our orders, and when the meal arrived, we had plate envy.  I hadn't paid any attention when he  ordered the roast- but what arrived at the table was a heaping plate piled with roasted vegetables, crispy potatoes, tender meat, a sausage, AND a golden flaky pastry full of yummy looking gravy (the Yorkshire Pudding).  I assumed it...

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Briton Home- The Inspiration

In early 2018, our family was living in London for my husband's academic work.  We were invited to spend a weekend with friends in a charming town in the Cotswolds called Chipping Campden.  After several months of urban dwelling, we were happy to set out for the countryside. Britain has an amazing history of welcoming, even encouraging, people to explore.  Laws in England and Wales protect the public right of way to walk, and sometimes cycle or ride horseback on public footpaths, bridleways, and byways.  In Scotland, everyone has the right to be on most land so long as they act responsibly.  All across Great Britain, weathered wooden signposts mark public footpaths, and clever steps and gates enable walkers to pass from field...

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