Minding The Gap

Travel to new cultures and geography heightens our senses and awareness of our surroundings. New sounds, sights and traffic patterns engage and inspire us. Britain is full of beauty, history and charming quirks that capture our attention and imagination. For those of us who don’t live there, an experience with Britain invites us to notice more.

“Mind the gap” is a classic British phrase. It is a polite reminder to pay attention, to notice the varying space between the train and the platform, which changes from station to station. Inspired by our travel experiences, we can “mind the gap” in everyday life. Briton Home hopes to encourage more noticing and appreciation of everyday moments by offering reminders of those travel experiences and sharing treasures for your home that encourage you to pause and appreciate the moment.

#bringingbritonhome refers not just to bringing products, but a travel mentality home. Join us in minding the gap everyday! If you are on social media, use #mindingthegap to highlight the little things- those moments that become important when we simply pay attention.

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