God Save The Queen!

God Save the Queen! We have a tea towel in our kitchen that came from the gift shop at Windsor Castle with this slogan stamped clearly in the center. While it’s terribly touristy, I appreciate the Queen more and more these days. 

Outside Windsor Castle

As a rule, the British monarch remains strictly neutral with respect to political matters. Queen Elizabeth II has ruled as head of State since 1952- nearly 70 years! As we’ve seen depicted in The Crown’s most recent season (thank you Netflix!), she has reigned through many tumultuous times and met a long parade of elected leaders. I’m sure she has her personal opinions, just as people have their opinions about the Monarchy itself.

But in times of trial and uncertainty, don’t we long for things that are steady and unchanging? We find reassurance in those parts of life that stay the same when everything else is changing.

We seem to have reached the high point in recent history of instability and disorder in America this week. We’ve all seen the incredible images of chaos in a place we count on for order. COVID-19 seems to be spiraling out of control.

In this time of despair and hopelessness for many, we long to be inspired and encouraged. We are in desperate need of leaders to give us something greater than ourselves to hope in. Lincoln, FDR, JFK, Churchill, the Pope, the Dalai Lama- they have all called on us to look outwards and upwards.

Here in the US, at a time when our own national leaders are neither steady nor inspiring, I suggest we borrow the Queen.

Windsor Castle

The British Sovereign has been offering an annual Christmas Day message since 1932. According to the BBC, this year’s message on December 25 was the most watched event in the UK that day. It is a beautiful message of hope and encouragement that acknowledges the individual and collective hardship of the year.

I can barely do it justice, and so commend it to you- to watch or read- it will be the most encouraging 7 minutes of your day, I promise!

Watch The Queen's 2020 Christmas Message

I am a nurse and a small business owner with a small platform. I am grateful that, thanks to many of you, my 2020 Briton Home inventory is nearly cleared out. This blank slate leaves me in a position to think afresh about what I most value and want to share about Britain. Today, rather than anything I could possibly sell, it’s the Queen’s message of “Enduring hope in difficult and unpredictable times.”

I hope you find it as encouraging as I have!  

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