• Getting to know Thornback & Peel

July 18, 2019

When I was last in London, I visited Thornback & Peel's holiday "pop-up" shop at Pentreath & Hall and met Abbie, who manages their warehouse and helps screenprint some of the beautiful items by hand.  It was so fun to put a face with a name, and I've been eager to get to know Delia Peel and Juliette Thornback because their story is an inspiration to me.  They have followed their creative interests and are living the dream in London!   

Briton Home is all about sharing stories of people and places in Great Britain that we love and are inspired by.  I recently asked Delia a few questions to get to know her better and share with you.  Here's what she had to say... 

I know you started very small, how many people work with you now?

"We have a small team of 5"

What is your favorite nook in London? 
"My favourite place in London is Hampstead Heath."  Favorite vacation spot or getaway in Great Britain?  "The Island of Mull, Scotland."
Where do you all get inspiration for new patterns?
 "The British countryside, seaside, flora and fauna, colour, food and tradition."
I've struggled to find a few words that capture the "British-ness"that I love.  How would you describe Britons?  
"Apologetic when not really sorry, obsessed with weather and queuing, with a dry sense of humour and a deep love of tea."
Anything else you'd like people to know or think about when they purchase a Thornback & Peel item?   
"All our products have to be excellent quality, but put a smile on our faces.  We like to put an emphasis on both function and form in our work!  Our designs are a celebration of British quirkiness and humour, with strong literary references.  We enjoy taking something well-known and well-loved, and giving it a bit of a twist." 
It can be difficult to judge a book by it's cover, so it's delightful to hear from the source that these artisans are being intentional about celebrating the aspects of British culture that I intuited from their work.  It's hard to bottle up quirkiness and humour, but Thornback & Peel do an amazing job reflecting those British qualities in their designs, and I love having them around my home!     

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