Back To School, British Style

Welcome to September!  The children have started school, and parents can breathe least until the afternoon, when activities and homework fill the hours with hurry once more.

Amidst the many emails from this year’s teachers and coaches, I still receive notices from the school our children attended in London several years ago. I could un-subscribe, but I secretly cherish this little ongoing window into life there! Today I indulged and opened the St. Barnabas & St. Philip's emails, checked the Transport for London updates, and read the upcoming events from our church in London...


The beloved headmaster retired, replaced by the not-as-beloved assistant headmistress.  The Autumn Term Welcome BBQ is next week…we’re invited to bring along a pudding or salad. Apparently, the Year 3s start swim lessons this week, as confirmed by Daniel’s mum, who shared that she left his swimming things on the peg and spoke to the teacher after school yesterday.  At church, they could do with some help running the toddler ministry. The London transportation director sincerely apologizes if our journey will be affected by the closures… Evidently, “disruption in and around Parliament Square can be a regular occurrence due to planned works, events and protests.”

Isn’t it comforting that in the midst of hurricanes and political crises (Brexit!), some things are constants, like packing lunches and juggling calendars? Our British counterparts may send their children to school in “jumpers and trousers” and serve pudding (aka dessert) at their back to school picnic, but we’re all in it together. I confess I envy the lilting accent I hear in my head that seems to soften the edges of the British announcements, making them all seem just a bit more sophisticated. I like to think that if my tube journey is disrupted due to “line modernisation,” I might be able to pop on a C1 bus to Westminster, as "the buses do expect to run a good service this weekend." It makes me smile just to write it!  

C1 Bus to Victoria

Alas, the buses I’m following these days are of the yellow variety.   But it’s so fun to be transported just for a bit with a simple check of the TFL website.   If we get the rain from Hurricane Dorian they are expecting, perhaps I’ll put the kettle on and make a spot of tea. And use my Sam Wilson mug, of course.


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