• Briton Home Table set with British Placemat and Napkins from Sam Wilson Studios

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  • Briton Home from London Mews

    From the streets of London to your table...

    Handcrafted homewares that make everyday moments more special.
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  • Mind The Gap!

    A polite reminder to pay attention...
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  • British Countryside, Sheep in Britain

    Bringing Britain Home

    Briton Home brings Stories & Artisanal Products from the United Kingdom
  • Briton Home inspired by British fields, Cotswolds, Chipping Campden

    The best stories are adventures

    How three superheroes inspired Briton Home
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Back To School, British Style

Emails from our school in London still give me a glimpse into the back to school happenings abroad... I'm so charmed by the little details and delightfully polite phrasing!  Sneak a peak on the blog! 

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Introducing The Vintage Spoon Collection!

Collected from markets in Chipping Campden and chosen with care by Dawn Landes in Exeter, these spoons bear classic British silver hallmarks.  Some spoons commemorate important moments in British history- The birth of a Prince, the Queen's Jubilee.  Others are quirky or beautiful.  They are fun gifts for your favorite Anglophile, or to be used and enjoyed!

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  • Gather at The Table

    Layer treasures to make it beautiful and meaningful.  A piece from here and a piece from there tells your story...

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#bringingbritonhome refers not just to bringing products, but a travel mentality home. Join us in minding the gap everyday! If you are on social media, use #mindingthegap to highlight the little things- those moments that become important when we simply pay attention.